Seasonal Fruit!

The rich, juicy fruits inspire me to put on something bold in color and embrace Spring. My go-to place? Gap! This Spring season Gap has a variety of colorful bottoms to choose from.

Blueberry! Love the rich cobalt color of the khakis! Perfect with a sweater for those colder Spring days, or a t-shirt and denim jacket for those deceivingly warmer days. Dress them up with heels or dress them down with loafers, can’t go wrong with this bold blue!

Apricot. This softer statement of a color is the perfect piece to usher in the warmth of Spring. These cute shorts can be paired with light, neutral tops or dark, navy shades. They look awesome with sandals or some tall, funky wedges!

Cherry? Yes, cherry! The cherry red is a classic color that you can wear to work without attracting too much attention and still making a color statement. This textured pencil skirt looks chic with a tucked in button-down blouse and neutral heels. And if you have a long commute to work, it even looks great with some simple keds!

Lemon!!! Now this is a bold statement of vivid color. Add some metallics and sequins to your yellow jeans to dress them up. Try these legging jeans with a top that has funky print or go simpler with some neutrals. Either way, these pants are fast-forwarding through Spring and calling for Summer!

Dragonfruit. I love the rich fuchsia color of these skinny boot jeans. They are the fresh, new color of this season. Dress them up for an evening out by adding a black top, chunky gold accessories and a dark leather jacket!

Kiwi! These beautiful green cropped jeans mimic nature in full bloom. They are perfect for a day out in the city with your girlfriends or a weekend picnic at the park. Pair these beauties with a stripped shirt and a pair of flats, and enjoy your day in comfort!

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