Yellow Splatter

Sunshine is slowly seeping through the cool days of April and splashing its warmth on the streets of New York City.

yellow splash

I am definitely loving the amount of yellow color this Spring. Color blocks of pastels mixed with bright accents make bold fashion statements.


Yellow has no exceptions, from dresses to shoes to dramatic eye make-up!

yellow drama

I love to acquire just a few designer items that I often use for quite some time. Perfume is one of my favorite accessories to purchase with designer brand names. I wake up, do my morning routine, get dressed, spray a bit of Versace on myself and run to work! Lovin’ it all day! This Spring I have decided to experiment quite a bit with some vibrant colors and yellow nail polish is definitely on my to-do list! This beautiful shade of yellow called “Kismit” from Nars is a loud expression of being fashion forward. When it comes to yellow eye shadow I think that a little goes a long way!

perfume | polish | shadow

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