Starry Night



I love the shiny combinations of blue and gold sequin. A blue sequin dress reflects the beauty of the night and shines like the stars.


I love the subtle amount of sequin in these outfits. A sequin skirt is a great way to dress up an outfit but still keep it simple and funky. A sweater over a sequin dress can give the outfit a relaxed and comfortable feel. A little sequin peeking out from under a shirt is a classy way to add spunk to a casual outfit! I love to show bits of sequin sneaking out and giving my outfits just enough sparkle.


These gorgeous blue sequin gowns by Elie Saab are perfect for formal events and cocktail parties. I think a long gown with bare shoulders is a feminine approach to showing some skin, but keeping it classy. A sequin top with a chiffon skirt is very dynamic and playful. Deep V-neck sequin dresses fall beautifully at the bust and accentuate the long neckline. Short styles are perfect for a lot of dancing and for a less formal affair.

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