Free Fashion Font!

I am extremely passionate about typography! Typography is the technique and art of utilizing letters to communicate a visual message. I love the way letters fit together and their anatomy. I can appreciate them when they are well designed. The fashion world makes many statements and bold statements are not only made with amazing fashion photography, but also with the creative use of typography. Today I wanted to share a free typeface (font) that I believe has an awesome fashion vibe! Please feel free to follow the link at the bottom of the post and download it for personal use.


Accent is a display typeface designed by Nelson Balaban. This typeface has a very interesting personality, which to me screams “fashionista.”  The characters are extremely thin, with subtle splashes of thickness. The circular shapes of the letters allow for layering and close kerning. I love that the letters are stripped to their bare, abstract forms and then given some subtle weight in the crevices.

This typeface is so abstract that, in my opinion, it beautifully compliments black and white photography. Below are some ways Accent can be used.

Photographer: Mark DeLong | Design: Me

The slanted positions of the A, M and W open the possibility for some interesting combinations.

Source: Behance

Source: Behance

To download this Typeface for Free CLICK HERE.

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