A Circus of Colors

Fashion inspiration can have many interesting origins, one of which is the circus! I think the circus is a creative arena for bold colors, extravagant prints and gorgeous fashion photography. I am totally loving all these stunning fashion shots!

Kristian Schuller

This is one of my favorite shots of all time! The curvaceous shape of the dress amidst the circus balls and balloons is simply whimsically enchanting!

Electric Circus

The voluminousness of the skirt lifts her from the ground and the exotic print marks her metamorphosis into a butterfly.

Kristian Schuller

The sensuality of her pose is accentuated by the subtle combination of nude and red. She is skipping midair with lots of whimsy in her step.

Kristian Schuller

Catching fleeting beauty is not easy, with every step it flutters away.

Electric Circus

A bold combination of colored prints is the epitome of an electric circus.

Kristian Schuller

Be open to volume and all that lies within.

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