The Twiggy Look

Sleek hair to the side, big eyes, dramatic eyelashes and defined cheek bones- the Twiggy look! Twiggy is a fashion icon that stole the spotlight in the 1960’s with her unique look. This British teen became one of the first British supermodels and a fashion icon. Her look was fresh and original. It was characterized by her thin figure, a boyishly short haircut, and strikingly dark eyelashes. The look transcended generations and has influenced many young models today, one in particular – Emma Watson. Watson started as an actress in the Harry Potter series as Hermione Granger, a role that has accentuated her talents and brought her to fame. After the series ended, she chopped of her locks and embraced a career in modeling. Her short hair sleeked to the side and her defined eyes mimic the look of the 60’s – the Twiggy look.


Emma Watson


Emma Watson


Emma Watson


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