Mint Color Block

I fell in love with the mint color this Spring season. In my opinion it is the new “neutral” because it goes great with so many bright colors. Apparently J.Crew thought the same thing! Their newest arrivals are filled with a lot of mint-colored pieces. Here are a few of my favorite looks!

The mint shorts are so practical. As the weather gets warmer throwing on a pair of these bad boys with some colored tops makes for a perfect look. They are the right combination of style and comfort. You can get a pair here at J.Crew or if you’re on a budget then here at Gap or here at H&M.

Mint sweater tops are also some great pieces for Spring. They keep you on the warm side but still give a pop of that Spring freshness. I love how these mint tops are paired with warm tones on the bottom. So great for those warm, windy days! Find one here at J.Crew or here at Gap for a more affordable option.

Now this is one of my favorite pieces, mint pants! Super stylish and are perfect for a night out or a day in the city. They can be paired with simple flats, chunky wedges or stylish stilettos! They are the perfect alternative to white pants this Spring season! Go get a pair here at J.Crew or here at H&M.


6 thoughts on “Mint Color Block

  1. Hi Sequin and Tulle
    Thanks for following my blog.
    I love your posts about colour. Very nice collection of specific colours and great commentary. I’m not a fashion person but I love colour!

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