Orange and Pink So Hot This Spring!

Bright accessories are a great way to express your individual style! Bright dresses are a daring way to make a bold statement. I love a little bit of both once in a while. The new arrivals at Tibi are just so stunning. So many juicy colors, but I decided to focus on the pink and orange! Such a stunning combination! Two hot colors blend perfectly together to make the ultimate fashion statement!

Tibi Dress

Bracelet | Bracelet

 Hot pink bracelets are so stunning. They provide just the right amount of color. They will pop with any outfit and are the perfect accessory this spring!

Tibi dress

Messenger bag | Envelope purse 

If wearing bright color makes you a bit nervous (sometimes that happens!) then opt for a bright purse. These orange purses will be a great addition to a neutral palette. Pair it up with some midnight blues and dark purples! This pop of color will definitely get you noticed!

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