Friday Style: Pink and Navy

Getting dressed can be the easiest or the most frustrating part of the day. My closet is filled with so many pieces that I see everyday and simply get tired of. The solution? Take those pieces and put them away for a little while. Refresh your mind while they are out of sight and then take them out in a couple of weeks again. This will make you want to wear those pieces, because you have taken a well deserved break from them.

I get inspired by pieces that are easy to combine and don’t necessarily match but look great together. Sometimes I go for some daring colors but other times I choose to stay in the neutral zone. These pink and navy pieces that I have picked out are more of my neutral zone, but there is a stronger accent of pink in the bracelet and the purse. I think these are a great combination for a chilly but sunny day out in the city, running errands and grabbing lunch with my hubby. Can’t wait to throw these pieces on and enjoy my weekend. Hope you enjoy yours as well!

sunglasses | fedora | blazer | shirt | pants | purse | bracelet | shoes


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