5 Awesome Wedding Accessories!

Flowers are always a beautiful way to decorate the wedding day but don’t be afraid to try some new, colorful ideas. These won’t perish after the wedding day and you can definitely reuse them for future events!

1. Poms! I love pom poms as funky accessories for the wedding day! They are such awesome decorations for a reception or a ceremony. Poms add just the right amount of color and fluff for the wedding occassion. These colorful babies are also perfect for bridal showers because they come in many different colors to match any theme!

2. Mustache Straws. Love these awesome props. They bring a bit more joy to the reception because they allow you to embrace the fun side of the wedding party! Totally loving the combination of grey and orange! Add them to your favorite cocktails.

3. Letters! So I have noticed a big trend of letters on wedding pictures. Couples embrace monograms letters as part of their party decor! I love the combination of sparkle and neon letters because they make pictures so much more fun!

4. Tags! Aaah, these are my favorite! These tags can be used as escort cards or place cards. They have such a juicy pop of color that makes any one want to smile. I am totally using them for my wedding to guide the guests to their seats and find their tables. Love, love, love that they are neon!

5. Tassels. A lovely new way to decorate the wedding ceremony and reception. Tassels come in so many colors and sparkles that they add shine to the party. Love them also for showers and rehearsal dinners.


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