Skater Dresses!

1. Solid Skaters

So skater dresses… quite the pick for the upcoming hot summer. Go simple with a solid style and add some color with a bright belt. White and blush are such great neutrals that have potential to pop with some awesome chunky accessories!


2. Funky Print Skaters

For those braver days…merry-go-round and strawberry print? Why not!  Totally love the large patches and the coral color. The originality in print makes for a funky ensemble!

Merry-Go | Strawberry 

3. Polka Dot Skaters

Dots, dots, dots! Go big or go small, but you won’t go wrong! The navy and white calls for more of a classic look, for an evening party. The large pink dot is more playful, perfect for a lovely picnic!

Blue Dot | Pink Dot 

4. Pastel Skaters

Tropical pastels! Loving the subtle burst of color. These lovely dresses make me think of sorbet ice cream flavors, a refreshing look for the hot summer days!

Tropical | Mint

5. Burnt Amber Skaters

No need to wait until fall! These burnt orange dresses are great for the summer as well. Loving these looks with the deep orange-red colored hair. Dress up as autumn in the summer!

Pleated | Cut-Out Orange

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