Neon and Nude Shoes: DIY!

neon yellow

neon pink


Step 1: Materials 

Neutral shoes

rubbing alcohol

cloth and q-tips

nail polishers (including white or acrylic paint)

nail polish remover

angled brush

drying rack and hair dryer

painter’s tape

Step 2: Tape

Using your painter’s tape, tape off all areas of your shoe that you don’t wish to paint.

Step 3: Rubbing Alcohol

Using rubbing alcohol (in a vented area) treat all the areas of the shoes you’re going to paint by simply taking a cotton swab doused in alcohol and rubbing it on. Use a rag or washcloth for the larger areas, like the sole.

Step 4: Primer

Begin with your white paint, and as a primer, cover all areas that are to be painted with a coat or two of white. Use the larger, synthetic brushes for this step, especially for the the soles and heels.

***Let you primer dry over night.

Step 5: Paint

Begin painting on your bright neon colors. Paint the soles first then proceeded to do all the yellow areas. Use your lightest color first. You can easily paint over any mess ups with your darker color. Let your first coats on all areas dry overnight. Once completely dry, cover each area with a second coat (painting in the opposite direction of the last) and let dry. Apply a top coat if you like.

Step 6: Touch-ups

After all coats of paint are dry, go through with your fine angled paintbrush and using nail polish remover, tidy up any mess-ups. It didn’t affect my leather at all and removed the excess paint quite nicely.

***This DIY was courtesy of Love Meagan!

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