Inspiration Board: Blush Pink Sparkle

My mind is in intense wedding mode. All I can think of is flowers and glitter. I have engaged in some DIY projects at home that involve spray paint and gold glitter! Totally excited to do some arts and crafts at home. Throughout this whole wedding season, I have really come to appreciate the various combinations of colors, of which blush pink and gold are my favorite!

Sometimes I dream about the future renewal of our vows with my hubby when we will be more financially stable, have less expectations (with less guests), and I will be able to have all the elements of a wedding that I always wanted. When that day will come, my glitter obsession will have no limit and I will create everything myself (maybe even food). I will have an abundance of peonies in soft romantic tones with lots of elements of gold! I will recreate the perfect vision that I have in my mind.

But until then I will delight in the beautiful venue that we rented for our wedding at the end of the month with all the compromises and sacrifices we had to make and hope the day will turn out beautiful. Really excited to walk down the aisle, to me thats the most beautiful and touching part of any wedding!

Images via Pinterest


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