Mint Shorts!

Mint shorts are an awesome fashion piece this summer! Mint has become the “new neutral” and I just love pairing it up with funky colors and various patterns.

Minty Breeze:

Mint shorts look awesome with navy stripes and a burst of fresh pink color. Wear with neutral oxfords for a more laid back look! Add some funk in your sunglasses and other accessories!

JCrew: top, shorts  H&M: purse, glasses, shoes

Patel Pink:

The pastel trend of the season is one centered around soft greens, blues, pinks and purples. That is why this look works. It is a little more bold, because the pink is intense, but if you just think of mint as a neutral color then you wont be afraid to rock this look. Loving the bangle and the necklace, they totally accentuate the fun pastels!

JCrew: top, shorts, necklace, bangle, shoes, belt


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