My Wedding Dress!

My wedding was this past Saturday. It was a day that I truly will never forget. One of the things that made my day really special (aside from my wonderful husband) was my wedding dress! It was a custom made dress by Lace and Satin. Nataliya Toponarova, the owner, is an amazing visionary who has a beautiful imagination and extremely skilled hands. From day one, she worked hand in hand with me to come up with an original design for my wedding dress. I told her all the things that I really wanted and then she added her elements of improvisation! I was really impressed with the outcome.

Now that my wedding day is over, by beautiful dress hangs in my room and reminds me of the unbelievable day that I had and the great designer that put her efforts into making my day beautiful! Thank you Natasha!

Photo Credits: Svetlana Photography


5 thoughts on “My Wedding Dress!

  1. Congrats, how beautiful! May I ask if it costs an arm and a leg to have a custom made gown? I’m wondering if it’s for the budget conscious

    • Hi Melanie!

      Thank you for your sweet words! It cost around $2,000 for me, which is great compared to some of the prices on the market! The price will vary based on design. I had a lot of tulle and custom lace, so that made the price go up a bit. So, i guess what I am saying it has the potential to be budget conscious!

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