Fall For You!

I came back from y honeymoon and NYC feels a bit cooler than before. This fall season is slowly creeping in and I am falling for the new trends. Burgundy is going to make quite the presence this fall. So many burgundy pieces I have been seeing in H&M as well as Zara and Gap! I love the combination of blue and deep red, such a classy union of fall colors. Stripes, of course, are a must for this season and I am looking to acquire as any varieties of stripes as I can!

top | skirt | scarf | bracelet | bangle | handbag | booties

I like to think that you can wear certain accessories many times and it is easy because all you have to do is switch up some pieces and new look is created. Denim with a nice blazer jacket and a simple tee is a perfect combination for a blue scarf and burgundy boots. You don’t always have to spend so much to rock a variety of looks. It is always a nice challenge to mix and match the things that are already in your closet!

top | denim | scarf | bangle | handbag | booties


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