Shape Matters

I think that it is very important to wear clothes that accentuate beautiful parts of your body. I am very aware of my body and how I tend to look in certain pieces of clothing. Not all clothing hugs me in the right places and so I believe that it is important to invest in quality undergarments. Carefully selected and fitted undergarments have the power to outline the silhouette of your figure and allow clothes to fit much better.

This collection of shapewear from H&M is great!shape wear

Love the high-waist panties that smooth out the panty lines. The black slip is a great way to give form to the body under a fitted dress.

shape wearSeamless panties and a strapless bra can also define the body beautifully under a strapless loose dress.

A high-waist skirt or shorts are great to wear under a tight dress or a dress with thin silky material. I own a few of these pieces and I am extremely grateful for the way they make my body look. I feel beautiful, confident and classy!

Have you considered owning any of these pieces?

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