Tassel Garland

I think this is one of the cheapest and simplest decorations I have ever made. I saw this tutorial on Ruffled and decided that I NEEDED to try it! The result was awesome and the process was extremely fun. The garland is perfect for birthdays, showers, any gatherings and even wedding decorations! I enjoyed it so much I decided to share it with you!

Fringe Tassel DIY Decoration

Twine (I used pink)
Tissue Paper (go wild with the colors)
Fringe Garland (love the metallic colors)

Fringe Tassee Project

1. Fold the tissue paper in half (taking a few pieces at a time) and cut fringe strips.

2. Separate the tissue paper and twist the top, securing with twine.

3. Repeat the same for the metallic tassels.

5. Put it all on a long piece of twine and play around with the lengths.

6. Put your own twist on it and include pictures of the person in honor (bride/groom or birthday girl/boy) to make your own beautiful hanging collage!

DIY Fringe Tassel

Images via Ruffled Blog

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