Pink Weddings!

Ahh…the coolness of winter makes me forget the gorgeous colors of all the other seasons. I was feeling in the mood for a pink wedding. The soft and strong tones of pink can be used in so many ways to bring romance to your special day. All you need is a little inspiration.

If you are more into the softer tones, don’t be afraid that the pale pink colors will feel washed out. It was a fear I had for my wedding day. I paired soft shades of pink with candles and splashes of brighter tones and it looked phenomenal. If you’re someone who loves color and wishes to go the brighter route, go for it! Bold pink tones look great with lots of greens and will definitely add a lot of personality to your wedding day. Just remember, not everything has to be pink, subtle accents are often enough to accentuate your main color.

Here’s a bit of inspiration for all you brides, regardless of where you stand on the pink spectrum! Enjoy =)

Soft Pink Accents wedding cake, ribbon, roses flowers pink wedding tones Pink peonies flowers wedding design

All Images via Pinterest


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