$350 Bloomingdale’s Giveaway!

Hi Ladies!

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A Splash of Gold

I enjoy pairing things with gold! From outfits and accessories to house decor, gold is a beautiful accent color. I often find myslf in home depot buying gold spray paint to make adjustment in my house. I love to spray paint frames, vases and anything metallic. To be gold represents grandeur and beauty.

Totally diggin’ these gold accents!Gold chair bicycle frame

Fave Fall Picks

Totally loving some simple fall styles from J.Crew!

1. The Greys!

Loving these subtle tones that can be paired with just about ANYTHING!

2. The Stripes!

My love for stripes does not fade. In this season I am FALLing more and more in love with them!

3. The Polkas!

Polka dots are a new deal for me and I am kinda loving them for fall!

I am curious to know, which of these is your favorite?