J.Crew Favorites

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Aah the J.Crew fusion of colors! How can one not be in awe? Makes me want to take a vacation!

I am loving these four looks. So different from each other and so totally perfect for the mood that you are in at a particular day.

jcrew colors fashion style pasten neon brights print neutrals


Preppy Chic!

Wow! The new J. Crew collection for Spring 2013 makes quite the statement. Loving all the mixtures of colors and patterns. The patterns paired with pastels and brights just blow me away. Something so beautiful and fun to look at but is it practical?

Would you combine a crazy print with pastels and pair it off with bright pumps?

I am not sure I would. But I must admit I do love looking at these J.Crew looks! One thing I can take away from this collection is the idea to combine preppy and chic for a statement look!

J Crew Spring 2013 Collection

Which look is the most wearable?

J Crew Spring 2013 Collection

Which look is your favorite?J Crew Spring 2013 Collection

J.Crew: Dare to be Bold!

Totally loving these mixed-print looks from J.Crew! This weekend be brave and dare yourself to mix a few prints, maybe a few colors and just wear it with confidence! Why not, right? If it doesn’t work out today then try again tomorrow!

Mix and match stripes with brights and maybe even double up on a classic button up! Grab a funky purse and add it to your outfit. It’s the weekend, dare to  be bold!

J.Crew Colors

One of my favorite places to find inspiration for color combinations is J.Crew! I love the way the designers pair various colors and create masterpieces with the outfits. The color combinations are so vibrant and bold! The funky flats with patterns and colors are perfect for the beautiful, blooming Spring outdoors!

I love flipping though their catalog. They make fashion bright and exciting. Patterns, stripes, checkers!!!

Here are a few of my favorite combinations of mis-matching patterns, bold brights and funky prints!