Cargo Glamour

I have taken a short break from H&M, mostly because the baby is on the way and I am growing exponentially, but also because a few of their past collections have failed to impress me. I do still love the brand but I was just waiting for something with a more “wow-factor.” The latest collection, that is rightfully titled “Cargo Glamour” looks pretty awesome! I am totally loving a few pieces, that will not only work in my pregnancy but can serve as accent items to the things already in my closet.  I ‘m not a huge fan of cargo but when I see it paired with some lightweight items and a bit of bling, I love it! Here are a few of my favorite looks!

Cargo Glamour

Cargo Glamour 2Cargo Glamour 3


J.Crew Favorites

colors jcrew vacation
Aah the J.Crew fusion of colors! How can one not be in awe? Makes me want to take a vacation!

I am loving these four looks. So different from each other and so totally perfect for the mood that you are in at a particular day.

jcrew colors fashion style pasten neon brights print neutrals

Pink Weddings!

Ahh…the coolness of winter makes me forget the gorgeous colors of all the other seasons. I was feeling in the mood for a pink wedding. The soft and strong tones of pink can be used in so many ways to bring romance to your special day. All you need is a little inspiration.

If you are more into the softer tones, don’t be afraid that the pale pink colors will feel washed out. It was a fear I had for my wedding day. I paired soft shades of pink with candles and splashes of brighter tones and it looked phenomenal. If you’re someone who loves color and wishes to go the brighter route, go for it! Bold pink tones look great with lots of greens and will definitely add a lot of personality to your wedding day. Just remember, not everything has to be pink, subtle accents are often enough to accentuate your main color.

Here’s a bit of inspiration for all you brides, regardless of where you stand on the pink spectrum! Enjoy =)

Soft Pink Accents wedding cake, ribbon, roses flowers pink wedding tones Pink peonies flowers wedding design

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Preppy Chic!

Wow! The new J. Crew collection for Spring 2013 makes quite the statement. Loving all the mixtures of colors and patterns. The patterns paired with pastels and brights just blow me away. Something so beautiful and fun to look at but is it practical?

Would you combine a crazy print with pastels and pair it off with bright pumps?

I am not sure I would. But I must admit I do love looking at these J.Crew looks! One thing I can take away from this collection is the idea to combine preppy and chic for a statement look!

J Crew Spring 2013 Collection

Which look is the most wearable?

J Crew Spring 2013 Collection

Which look is your favorite?J Crew Spring 2013 Collection