Cargo Glamour

I have taken a short break from H&M, mostly because the baby is on the way and I am growing exponentially, but also because a few of their past collections have failed to impress me. I do still love the brand but I was just waiting for something with a more “wow-factor.” The latest collection, that is rightfully titled “Cargo Glamour” looks pretty awesome! I am totally loving a few pieces, that will not only work in my pregnancy but can serve as accent items to the things already in my closet.  I ‘m not a huge fan of cargo but when I see it paired with some lightweight items and a bit of bling, I love it! Here are a few of my favorite looks!

Cargo Glamour

Cargo Glamour 2Cargo Glamour 3


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Ah, this much needed long weekend is about to begin! I will finally catch up on some rest! Also can’t wait to spend some quality time with my hubby. Extra long weekend calls for some outfit necessities!

Striped Tops Colored Bottoms

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Preparing for Fall!

I love stripes. Especially stripes from J.Crew! Sometimes J.Crew is a bit too pricey for me so I select a few signature pieces that I plan to wear for a long time. My latest acquisition was this amazing J.Crew top, which is a combo of my two favorite trends: neon and stripes!

J.Crew offers a few funky stripe tops that I really like and will try to convince my husband that they are an essential part of my wardrobe this fall! Here are my favorites!

Wearing stripes can be very easy, since they are quite simple to pair with anything. Since all of my favorite stores are preparing for fall, I am planning ahead. My first set of fall picks below!

top | pants | scarf | purse | belt | booties | bracelet

Spot On!

This upcoming fall season is all about print and spots. I love polka dots and I think this trend is going to totally rock! Loving the spots on tops, dresses, sweaters and even button downs! I adore accessories with funky circles and and colorful polka dots.

J Crew is spot on this trend! the designers at J Crew are daring enough to pair large dots with small dots and have fun with the patterns. H&M is also picking up the trend with a few peplum tops and polka dot dresses. With New York weather you never know when fall will come but I am definitely spotting some classy but fun trends heading our way! 

Mint Shorts!

Mint shorts are an awesome fashion piece this summer! Mint has become the “new neutral” and I just love pairing it up with funky colors and various patterns.

Minty Breeze:

Mint shorts look awesome with navy stripes and a burst of fresh pink color. Wear with neutral oxfords for a more laid back look! Add some funk in your sunglasses and other accessories!

JCrew: top, shorts  H&M: purse, glasses, shoes

Patel Pink:

The pastel trend of the season is one centered around soft greens, blues, pinks and purples. That is why this look works. It is a little more bold, because the pink is intense, but if you just think of mint as a neutral color then you wont be afraid to rock this look. Loving the bangle and the necklace, they totally accentuate the fun pastels!

JCrew: top, shorts, necklace, bangle, shoes, belt