J.Crew Favorites

colors jcrew vacation
Aah the J.Crew fusion of colors! How can one not be in awe? Makes me want to take a vacation!

I am loving these four looks. So different from each other and so totally perfect for the mood that you are in at a particular day.

jcrew colors fashion style pasten neon brights print neutrals


Preppy Chic!

Wow! The new J. Crew collection for Spring 2013 makes quite the statement. Loving all the mixtures of colors and patterns. The patterns paired with pastels and brights just blow me away. Something so beautiful and fun to look at but is it practical?

Would you combine a crazy print with pastels and pair it off with bright pumps?

I am not sure I would. But I must admit I do love looking at these J.Crew looks! One thing I can take away from this collection is the idea to combine preppy and chic for a statement look!

J Crew Spring 2013 Collection

Which look is the most wearable?

J Crew Spring 2013 Collection

Which look is your favorite?J Crew Spring 2013 Collection

Fave Fall Picks

Totally loving some simple fall styles from J.Crew!

1. The Greys!

Loving these subtle tones that can be paired with just about ANYTHING!

2. The Stripes!

My love for stripes does not fade. In this season I am FALLing more and more in love with them!

3. The Polkas!

Polka dots are a new deal for me and I am kinda loving them for fall!

I am curious to know, which of these is your favorite?

Fall For You!

I came back from y honeymoon and NYC feels a bit cooler than before. This fall season is slowly creeping in and I am falling for the new trends. Burgundy is going to make quite the presence this fall. So many burgundy pieces I have been seeing in H&M as well as Zara and Gap! I love the combination of blue and deep red, such a classy union of fall colors. Stripes, of course, are a must for this season and I am looking to acquire as any varieties of stripes as I can!

top | skirt | scarf | bracelet | bangle | handbag | booties

I like to think that you can wear certain accessories many times and it is easy because all you have to do is switch up some pieces and new look is created. Denim with a nice blazer jacket and a simple tee is a perfect combination for a blue scarf and burgundy boots. You don’t always have to spend so much to rock a variety of looks. It is always a nice challenge to mix and match the things that are already in your closet!

top | denim | scarf | bangle | handbag | booties

Switch Up the Look!

I like to have a few statement accessories that are good to wear to work and on the weekend. These lovely pieces from J.Crew are stunning and work very well with business attire and are totally weekend chic! Loving the necklace and the bracelet, as they supply the outfit with a fresh burst of color. The shoes are also an elegant piece that give that extra pop of pink! I would stay in the neutral zone for the top and bottom, as the accessories are loud already. This look is great for a night out or a brunch date!

necklace  | sweater | pants | shoes | bracelet | handbag

A work outfit can be just as fun to put together. Keep the accessories, throw in a pencil skirt and a white blouse and you have a stylish work look. I just love the combination of navy and pink for both work and play!

necklace  | blouse | skirt | shoes bracelet | handbag