It’s A Girl!

baby bump, girl,So being pregnant for 22 weeks now has been quite a journey, a very rewarding one. Seeing my body change and my belly grow is fascinating! The best part is that it is all happening because my daughter is developing inside of me. The word “daughter” is such a new and exciting concept for me, and I just can’t get enough of it. Becoming a mom is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.  I am so looking forward to embracing the new role as my wonderful husband and I prepare for our baby girl.

Prior to the doctor’s visit we were set that our baby was going to be a boy. We looked at baby clothing for boys and even almost bought a blue cover for the stroller. I mean we were sure! (at least that’s what we thought) But on the day of the doctor’s visit, I had a different feeling and as I shared it with my husband he asked me why I kept insisting for all these months that it was a boy. I brushed it off and decided not to guess because we were about to find out in a few hours. The first thing the doctor asked as she began her ultrasound, was our guess about the gender. “Boy” we said, with a feeling of confidence, to which she replied “you are both wrong!” Ah! Wrong? My 5 months of “motherly instinct” failed? My husband grabbed my hand, looked at the screen and said “that’s our baby girl.” We were so overwhelmed with refreshing joy and surprise, that tears were inevitable.

Four more months until we meet our precious daughter. Can’t wait!

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Love Is In The Air!

Engaged? Love the Empire State Building? Do you respect Preston Bailey as a stylish wedding planner? I have the perfect opportunity for you!


Contest: Empire State Building and Preston Bailey Valentine’s Day Wedding Contest, “Love is in the Air” gives three couples a chance to have their wedding in the Empire State Building!

Mode of Entry: Video submission of the couple’s love story via Facebook, detailing their dream to get married in the Empire State Building with Preston Bailey as their wedding designer.

Prize: Three lucky couples will celebrate their special day with a customized wedding or vow renewal ceremony held at the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day 2013. Preston Bailey will create a customized motif for each couple’s ceremony.

Get that iPhone camera ready and tell Preston why you want your wedding to happen on February 14th in the Empire State Building! Contest ends on January 14th, so hurry!

Merry Christmas From Permiakovs (+1)

This Christmas season, my husband and I were blessed with the news that soon we will have a bundle of joy! We are extremely excited to have our first baby in 2013. This is the season of giving and God gave us the wonderful gift, the fruit of our love! We want to share with you how much joy and love we experience as a result of this blessing!baby announcement pregnancybaby announcement pregnancybaby announcement pregnancy

The Natural Recipe

As a newly married wifey, cooking has been quite an adventure for me. So much of it is trial and error. I love surprising my husband and myself with new ideas and recipes that often taste delicious! However, I must say that the most proven “recipes” are natures gift to us. They are made from simple, fresh, seasonal fruit! I love fruit, the sweetest, natural sugary taste cannot be replaced with anything artificial!

Which of these fruits is your favorite?

Fresh fruit Raspberries

Blueberries FruitCherries DeliciousStrawberries Cherries, FruitPeachesImages via Pinterest