J.Crew Favorites

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Aah the J.Crew fusion of colors! How can one not be in awe? Makes me want to take a vacation!

I am loving these four looks. So different from each other and so totally perfect for the mood that you are in at a particular day.

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Merry Christmas From Permiakovs (+1)

This Christmas season, my husband and I were blessed with the news that soon we will have a bundle of joy! We are extremely excited to have our first baby in 2013. This is the season of giving and God gave us the wonderful gift, the fruit of our love! We want to share with you how much joy and love we experience as a result of this blessing!baby announcement pregnancybaby announcement pregnancybaby announcement pregnancy

The Jewelry Look Book: J Crew!

These four looks from J Crew are so funky! The jewelry accent pieces are stunning! What I love about J Crew designers is that they take risks in layering fabrics, colors and patterns! I would never think to put some of these pieces together, but they totally work!

Layering jewelry? That looks pretty awesome! Putting a few lovely pieces together to mix colors is very bold!

Loving the mid-century inspired animal charms! Such a great addition to any outfit and any complex piece of jewelry!

Loving all these pretty floral blooms!

Luxe gold bangle set! Layer these babies up and they will rock your outfit!

Neons and pastels, make for a perfect combo!

Totally in Love With…

NEON!!! The bright green shorts are so incredibly juicy! I am so excited to get a pair of these awesome neons! These are the perfect pair to wear to a picnic, a walk in the city or a rooftop party!

If you are a bit nervous about throwing on some neon, don’t be! Pair up the shorts or the khakis with a neutral top or a pastel color. Put on navy, beige or white to tone down the brightness. Neon also looks great with denim. A button up denim shirt or a jean jacket will make this look fashionable and easy to pull off!