Belle Epoque Collection from Brilliant Earth

belle epoque brilliant earth jewelery

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I have taken a break from blogging for a while to focus on our beautiful family addition, Sarah Grace! But now I’m back and you guys are in for a treat!

Today, Brilliant Earth is unveiling their latest collection inspired by vintage beauty, romance and femininity, called the Belle Epoque Collection! The designers of this beautiful collection were inspired vintage jewelry, delicate beading details and feminine embellishments! Belle Epoque is a French phrase that means “Beautiful Era,” which categorized the graceful jewelry pieces at the end of the 19th century that are reflected in these designs:

Bella Diamond Ring SketchOpera Pendant Sketch_one line

Each piece is crafted from eco-friendly recycled precious metals combined with conflict free diamonds. Brilliant Earth is dedicated toethical and transparent practices in the jewelry industry. The company tracks the origins of its diamonds. How great is that? Wearing jewelry that reflects ethical responsibility!

Belle-Group-Shot-1-cropped Belle-Group-Shot-2-cropped

Definitely see these pieces for yourself at Brilliant Earth! Which pieces are your favorite?


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Hi Ladies!

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It’s A Girl!

baby bump, girl,So being pregnant for 22 weeks now has been quite a journey, a very rewarding one. Seeing my body change and my belly grow is fascinating! The best part is that it is all happening because my daughter is developing inside of me. The word “daughter” is such a new and exciting concept for me, and I just can’t get enough of it. Becoming a mom is one of the most amazing feelings in the world.  I am so looking forward to embracing the new role as my wonderful husband and I prepare for our baby girl.

Prior to the doctor’s visit we were set that our baby was going to be a boy. We looked at baby clothing for boys and even almost bought a blue cover for the stroller. I mean we were sure! (at least that’s what we thought) But on the day of the doctor’s visit, I had a different feeling and as I shared it with my husband he asked me why I kept insisting for all these months that it was a boy. I brushed it off and decided not to guess because we were about to find out in a few hours. The first thing the doctor asked as she began her ultrasound, was our guess about the gender. “Boy” we said, with a feeling of confidence, to which she replied “you are both wrong!” Ah! Wrong? My 5 months of “motherly instinct” failed? My husband grabbed my hand, looked at the screen and said “that’s our baby girl.” We were so overwhelmed with refreshing joy and surprise, that tears were inevitable.

Four more months until we meet our precious daughter. Can’t wait!

pregnancy, baby bump, girlpregnancy, husband, baby girlpregnancy baby baby girl bump kiss husbandbaby bumpbaby bump

love husband baby bump girlPhoto Credits: Choy Graphic Solutions

Cargo Glamour

I have taken a short break from H&M, mostly because the baby is on the way and I am growing exponentially, but also because a few of their past collections have failed to impress me. I do still love the brand but I was just waiting for something with a more “wow-factor.” The latest collection, that is rightfully titled “Cargo Glamour” looks pretty awesome! I am totally loving a few pieces, that will not only work in my pregnancy but can serve as accent items to the things already in my closet.  I ‘m not a huge fan of cargo but when I see it paired with some lightweight items and a bit of bling, I love it! Here are a few of my favorite looks!

Cargo Glamour

Cargo Glamour 2Cargo Glamour 3